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I.SlyunkovThe 28th of July 1989 was the day, Igor Slyunkov, the founder of “LIS Group” Companies, has registered his first firm, as Travel Agency “Meridian”.

In 1991 a new business direction was taken – Regional chain of petrol stations. The new company name was LIS.

During the period between 1995 and 2000, “LIS” company has heavily invested, acquiring other businesses within the building and construction industry. This is how “LIS Group of Companies” first came into existence.

From 2000 to 2002, “LIS Group” expanded further by acquiring a range of business entities within the public transport industry.

2004 was also a significant year in the history of “LIS Group”, as direction of commercial real estate development was adopted.

During the past years the following “LIS Group” companies have achieved the most success:

In addition “LIS Group” includes over ten smaller enterprises that include:

  • Real Estate Agency “Nedvijimost-Servis”
  • Jewelers store chain “Yuvelirny Mir”
  • “Liga” Law Firm
  • “Finko” Audit Firm
  • “Praveks” Security Agency

By the start of 2014, the “LIS Group” of Companies employed over 2000 people.

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